Baby take me Before they turn the lights out Before time is run out Baby love me lights out

just to let u guys know my watermark may be alternating because the website I used to use don’t work on my computer anymore so I have had to use a new one!!!
in other news here are my new trainers for the possible colour run I may be doing wooo

what i do everyday
ig: s4ssycats

my besties hair is rad
Anonymous: ashley i miss you your my fave quality blog 4eva

AWWH ily 💖

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Anonymous: What's up? You said you had something super exciting!

last night, I went to my friends bday party and this guy that apparently has the fattest crush on me was there. he was BEING SO SWEET BUT HES ACTUALLY REALLY BAD

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Anonymous: Tell us!!! ☺️

it involves a guy and WOOWOWOOO

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Anonymous: do you need someone to talk to?

no I’m alright. thank you though 💖

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Anonymous: hey man how are you doing

I’m super

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this is the third night in a row where I have cried. what the hell is wrong with me

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This was from the winter but i decided to upload it anyways. okay so i didn’t have enough coffee to fill up the mug so i kinda put some milk but it ended up being basically all milk lol. 
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I would appreciate if someone took off that source^, it’s my picture not theirs